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Eastern Band of Cherokee

Present day Eastern Band of Cherokee holdings consist of approximately 56,000 acres in western North Carolina that support diverse communities of fish, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates, and plants.  This biological diversity is intricately tied to the Eastern Band of Cherokee’s culture and identity with thousands of species playing critical roles in subsistence, arts, recreation, medicine, ceremonies, and stories.  Conserving regional aquatic and terrestrial populations and their interrelationships with a changing world through the implementation of strategic planning initiatives is integral to maintaining the tribe’s livelihood.

Eastern Band of Cherokee tribal programs responsible for the management of natural resources include the department of Fisheries and Wildlife Management, the department of Natural Resource Enforcement, the Tribal Historic Preservation Office, and the Office of Environment and Natural Resources.  Staff within these programs focus on a variety of issues including watershed protection, forest management, native species monitoring and restoration, endangered species management, cultural resource protection, natural resource law enforcement, and recreation management.  The Eastern Band of Cherokee tribe is committed to working collaboratively with external natural resource management agencies to maximize conservation opportunities while maintaining sovereign interests.

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