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Engage a Diversity of Partners

The Appalachian LCC web planning portal is a suite of communication, networking, and training systems along with integrated geospatial tools for the conservation community to use in coordinating activities and disseminating information for on-the-ground conservation. This knowledge management system allows members to communicate with colleagues, upload and store data, and create and work through private work spaces to share preliminary data, modeling, and geospatial products. It also provides up to date news and information about the Appalachian LCC’s work, ongoing projects, new products, and publications.

Appalachian LCC's Support: Networking for the Conservation Community


The Appalachian LCC is taking great strides in serving as the catalyst for a collaborative network. The Cooperative is providing decision support tools and products while enhancing outreach, capacity, and the visibility of conservation actors.

Through its portal, the Cooperative has created multiple “Showcase” Pages (Partnerships) and (Affiliates) that introduce the many conservation actors and organizations working across the region. The Portal offers enhanced visibility for these partners and affiliates to highlight their major projects and accomplishments to our conservation community while detailing the relationship between individual partners and the Appalachian LCC.

Expertise Search
The Appalachian LCC Expertise Search encompasses a diverse range of individuals and expertise interested in participating in landscape conservation efforts throughout the region. It allows the conservation community to identify colleagues with needed expertise and common research interests, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and sharing “lessons learned”, and help plan, design, and deliver conservation more effectively.

"Voices from the Appalachians"
nterviews with scientists and resource managers highlight the conservation challenges facing the Appalachian region as well as how the Appalachian LCC can address these landscape issues and bring together a community to find sustainable solutions.

Collaborative Workspaces
Collaborative workspaces are offering a platform to enhance workflow and facilitate efficient sharing of ideas, datasets, products, publications, and more with others who have similar conservation interests and objectives.

Partner Sites
While developing this Web Portal, the Appalachian LCC also worked with the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture and Southeast Aquatics Resources Partnership to develop companion or partner websites with an identical web platform and similar functions tailored to the needs of their respective communities. Planning has started to link and integrate components of the Appalachian LCC web portal with neighboring LCCs. The portal allows seamless flow of information, tools, and networking opportunities.

Nested Sites
The Whitewater to Bluewater area of the web planning portal is an example of a “nested site.” These are integrated websites that can be created as the need is identified – to facilitate joint planning and access to share collaborative workspace, tools, and data. In the Whitewater to Bluewater example, the site offers an opportunity for three regional fish habitat partnerships (Eastern Brook Trout, Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership, and the Atlantic Coast) to plan and coordinate on-the-ground conservation work, streamline communication, and maximize their collaboration on assessment and restoration efforts.

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