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Landowner Feedback Opportunities

Landowners are our most important partner! Working Lands partners seek to develop voluntary partnerships with landowners to create improvements across landscapes that benefit farm and local economies and "keep working lands working," while also sustaining fish and wildlife. The partnerships periodically host forums where we invite landowners to attend and share with us what they like and do not like about our approaches and programs. What we learn at these forums is invaluable, and often results in significant changes in our outreach and delivery.

Working Lands partners regularly host workshops that include landowners. If you'd like to learn more about the kind of feedback we receive and how we adapt our actions in response, please review the following documents:

WLFW National Landowner Forum

WLFW Golden-winged Warbler Forum (I have this document in pdf but apparently it was never posted to national NRCS-WLFW site; need to create image as below)

Southeastern Forests Private Lands Partnership Forum  (please create image as below)

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