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Target Species

Working Lands for Wildlife (WLFW) was initiated in 2012 and there are eight nationally-identified target species. In 2016 a Request for Proposals was circulated to the NRCS State Offices whereby they could work with local partners to identify additional species for state-run WLFW 2.0 partnership efforts. In response to this RFP, 12 additional species and habitat efforts were approved to launch in 2017, and another 4 in 2018. This portal workspace will initially service the eastern, south and mid-western target species (9). The habitat needs of these species are representative of healthy, functioning ecosystems where conservation efforts benefit a much broader suite of species. Maps indicate the geographic extent of each of the national and state-run conservation efforts. [insert maps and ] Target species include:

National Projects


State Run Projects

  • Northern Bobwhite Quail internal and link
  • Northeast Turtles internal and link
  • Midwest Blanding's Turtle internal and link
  • American Black Duck internal and link
  • Conasauga River internal and link
  • Yazoo Darter internal and link
  • Hellbender internal and link
  • Colorado River Mussels link
  • Shorebirds of Louisiana Wetlands link
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