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Strategic Conservation Framework

Strategic Habitat Conservation represents a change in how the Fish and Wildlife Service thinks about and does conservation, a shift to more strategic, accountable and adaptive action. It starts by working at larger spatial and temporal scales, across programs and with our partners and stakeholders, in a more focused way that links our actions to outcomes, with learning as an explicit objective of our conservation actions. Our approach, which we call Strategic Habitat Conservation, encompasses a shift to more strategic, accountable and adaptive action driven by science.To help wildlife and natural systems cope with complex and far-ranging threats such as drought, climate change and large-scale habitat fragmentation, we must work strategically with partners to conserve landscapes capable of supporting self-sustaining populations of fish and wildlife, while also providing for the needs of people.

This approach will also support:

  • Use of a consistent conservation framework that will enable our workforce to plan, design and deliver conservation actions more strategically;
  • Provide greater transparency, include a science-driven conservation investment decision-making process (agency-wide), reflect Service priorities;
  • Increase accountability by measuring our progress – both as a Service and employees/partners;
  • Operate in a more coordinated and collaborative way by focusing programmatic efforts towards shared outcomes.

The following resources provide related information on the Strategic Habitat Conservation Framework:

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