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Synthesis of climate model downscaling products for the southeastern United States

Downscaling translates large-scale climate information to the local scale. There are several techniques for handling this process; recently, several downscaled climate products have been produced by government and academic researchers. Ecologists, conservation scientists, and practitioners require such local guidance to evaluate adaptation and conservation strategies. However, the large number of methods involved, different downscaling approaches, resolutions, time periods, and focal variables limits the ability of these users to form meaningful conclusions and evaluate the results of adaptation strategies. To address these issues, this project will summarize the methods used for downscaling, identify the metrics most appropriate for evaluation of climate model skill and usability for the ecological and conservation communities in the southeastern US, and begin a longer-term effort to evaluate the range of downscaled climate products over this geographic region.

To accomplish this, we propose a comprehensive literature review on the methods used to develop these data, engagement with the LCC, USGS scientific, and practitioner community to identify climate metrics and variables needed, and initial evaluation of several downscaled climate data products. This project will serve as input for other efforts by USGS and LCC scientists to compare various climate guidance products.


Funding: Total funding for this project is $45,000

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