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Group Work Space

Appalachian LCC


Welcome to the Group Work Spaces, an area of the web portal where we are supporting collaborative work for various communities. These communities range from working groups within our Steering Committee, project groups overseeing the development of Appalachian LCC funded projects, Communities of Practice or Species Specific groups with experts and concerned individuals working towards a common conservation goal related to a species or habitat.

These Work Spaces offer a platform to enhance work flow and facilitate efficient sharing of ideas, datasets, products, publications, and more with others who have similar interests or missions.

The Appalachian LCC Work Spaces are bringing together a diverse set of individuals and expertise to promote dialogue and coordination.

You can join a community of practice, request to create a new group, and browse through our help section below.


Appalachian Conservation Partnership

Partnership spin-off of AppLCC - formed Dec 2017, see workshop notes:

Working Groups Formed on "Next Steps"

#1. Develop a “position paper” of vision, goals over next few years (Gwen Brewer (MD DNR) to serve as lead)

    • Bridgett Costanzo (NRCS-WLFW-NE), Bill Jenkins (EPA-R3), Perry Wheelock (NPS-NCR)
      • ID workplan, wo-WLFWrk groups, gaps, communication needs
      • Develop next steps

#2.  Synthesis “State of the Appalachians” (Danny Lee (USFS-SRS) to serve as lead)

    • Rick Durbrow (EPA-R4), Bill Jenkins (EPA-R3), Cale Godfry (VA DGIF), Cindy Williams (FWS-R4-ACP)
      • Where we are, how the investment we’ve done has advanced things
      • Focus on water quality, landscape, etc.
      • Can think about metrics, monitoring


#3.  Plan for project manager (Jon Gasset (WMI) to serve as lead)

    • Bridgett Costanzo (NRCS-WLFW-NE), Paul Johansen (WV DNR)
      • Propose/draft a scope of work for this type of support
      • Seek money and fitting person


#4. Evaluation of existing tools and their value to Organizations (Ray Albright/NPS-SE to serve as lead)

    • Jason Duke(FWS-Region-4/Bill Uihlien) , Perry Wheelock (NPS-NCR) and Danny Lee (USFS-SRS)
      • Evaluate how each tool will fit within agencies’ work
      • How does it apply at the management level?


#5.  Lessons Learned Study – what’s worked elsewhere that we can learn from in redefining our 2nd generation Landscape Conservation Partnership? (Jean/FWS-SA to serve as lead)

      • Can capture the context of how partnerships evolve, 22 LCCs
      • Look at existing organizational development research
      • Think about conservation partnerships and networks more broadly
      • Large Landscape Partnership may know some of this


AppLCC Staff Group

This area contains a private Work Space for the AppLCC staff.


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