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Data Needs Assessment Research Delivers Suite of Conservation Planning Products

The Data Needs Assessment research project was undertaken to review conservation planning tools, datasets, and methods to provide packages of products, data, and identified data gaps to improve conservation planning in the Appalachian LCC region.

A suite of core conservation planning products and data from Principle Investigators at Clemson University are now available to the Cooperative and include:

  • An analysis of State Wildlife Action Plans in the Appalachian LCC that describe how information contained in individual State Wildlife Action Plans can be linked to integrate state and local-scale efforts into a regional conservation framework;
  • A list of 21 conservation planning tools, describing function and relevance of each towards the Cooperative conservation planning goals;
  • Interpretive text and graphics of conservation planning tools to be shared through the LCC Web Portal for users to learn about the tools available and what purposes they could serve;
  • Interpretive text and graphics that describes the data that can be posted to the Web Portal for sharing;
  • A final report that assembles all of these elements together and provides recommendations on how the LCC can use the information to collect finer-scaled data from States, expand on work accomplished at individual State levels and “scale up” to the LCC level, and deliver data in a format that is useful for individual States and for regional planning.


View all the deliverables and learn more about this funded research.

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