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National LCC Council

The LCC National Council will serve the LCC network by learning from them and helping to identify the ecological and institutional challenges faced by the LCCs that should be addressed at the national scale. Serving as the national voice for the LCC network, the Council will seek to support changes that can be made at the national level to facilitate the work of the LCCs. The Council will provide a platform for highlighting LCC successes and challenges. Sustained funding is needed for the LCC network, and the Council will work to ensure that local and regional partnership efforts are supported at the highest levels.

LCC National Council Charter

This charter outlines the duties and functions of the LCC National Council that includes: (1) overarching coordination of LCC efforts; (2) consistency between LCCs for coordination and communication to support a cohesive purpose; (3) articulation of shared outcomes; (4) support for collaboration across geographies; and (5) advocacy for LCCs.

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Summary Response to Comments Received on the Draft LCC National Charter

In late 2012, the LCC National strategy team sought feedback on the proposed purpose, goals, organizational framework, and composition outlined in the draft charter for the LCC National Council. To obtain partner input, the draft charter was broadly distributed through a series of webinars and via email communication. Partners and other interested parties were encouraged to submit comments.

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Summary of LCC National Council Convening Process

Since the creation of the Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) network, concerns have surfaced over the need for a national body to maintain broad national-level support and coordination. In 2011, the Department of Interior (DOI) requested the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution (USIECR) conduct a neutral third-party assessment of national DOI and LCC representatives to gauge potential support, concerns, and recommendations for convening an LCC National Council. Interview findings indicated that there were national-level needs that could not be met through the existing LCC enterprise but were critical to the long-term viability of the LCC network. Respondents recommended that: (1) the Council should not be driven by a single agency/entity; (2) the Council should help coordinate, define, and focus the LCC enterprise; and (3) this Council should respect the self-governing, self-directed nature of the individual LCCs.

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Overiew of LCC National Council Recruitment Process

The purpose of this overview is to familiarize the LCC Coordinators Team (LCT) with the recruitment process for the LCC National Council (Council), to identify the role the LCC coordinators will play in the process, and to provide you with some talking points for explaining the process to your respective organizations and other networks.

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LCC National Council Nominating Form

The National LCC Strategy Team invites nomination for membership on the newly‐formed LCC (Landscape Conservation Cooperative) National Council. This nomination packet outlines instructions for the “LCC Participant” seat. Eligible applicants include LCC Coordinators and the current (at time of nomination) chairs, vice‐chairs, and co‐chairs of LCC Steering Committees. To be eligible, applicants must have served as an LCC Coordinator or as an LCC Steering Committee member for at least one year. One LCC participant will be selected by the LCC Coordinators Team (LCT) for the National Council. The LCC National Council will support the cooperative large‐scale conservation efforts of the LCC network by enhancing coordination among the LCCs, identifying national‐level ecological and institutional challenges, and serving as the national voice for the LCC network.

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