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You are here: Home Cooperative Our Plan Section 2: Science Capacity within the Appalachian Community Federal Departments/Agencies Warm Springs Regional Fisheries Center (WSRFC - Warm Springs, Georgia)

Warm Springs Regional Fisheries Center (WSRFC - Warm Springs, Georgia)

The WSRFC includes a Fish Technology Center, Fish Health Center, and two National Fish Hatcheries.  The WSRFC provides technical assistance in the areas of cryopreservation, conservation genetics, fish health, and fish culture to the FWS and its partners.  Areas of focus include:

  • Producing fish to supplement populations of inter-jurisdictional species.
  • Developing culture and management techniques for the recovery and restoration of threatened, endangered, and imperiled aquatic species
  • Developing and implementing cryopreservation techniques to aid in the efficiency of fish production or to conserve the genetic diversity of declining populations
  • Maintaining the National Fish Strain Registry
  • Providing technical assistance on management plans for inter-jurisdictional and migratory fishes through population dynamics, genetic analyses, and stock assessment techniques
  • Quantifying the genetic structure of populations and estimates of genetic diversity
  • Linking population genetic information to habitat parameters to understand factors driving population interaction
  • Monitoring fish populations to understand drivers of long-term changes in population dynamics
  • Determining the effects and distribution of pathogens and parasites in wild fish populations
    Monitoring the health of fish populations at fish hatcheries

    Additional information about WSRFC activities, staff, and projects can be found on the website: (
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