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You are here: Home Cooperative Our Plan Section 2: Science Capacity within the Appalachian Community Federal Departments/Agencies Upper Mid-west Environmental Science Center (UMESC - LaCrosse Wisconsin)

Upper Mid-west Environmental Science Center (UMESC - LaCrosse Wisconsin)

The UMESC provides information on terrestrial and aquatic resources throughout the US. While their focus has historically been in the Upper Mississippi River Basin and the Midwestern states the UMESC staff has completed projects throughout the US and around the world. Their research and monitoring programs include:

  • Understanding large rivers and how they support humans, ecosystems, and economies
  • Developing maps (Mississippi River, National Parks), visualization tools and decision aides for resource managers
  • Controlling aquatic invasive species
  • Developing chemicals and drugs to maintain healthy fish
  • Restoring threatened and endangered species (amphibians, fish, mussels and birds)
  • Determining contaminant effects on wildlife, as sentinels for human health (terrestrial, aquatic)


The UMESC further identifies their programmatic area to include Amphibians and Reptiles, Aquatic Invasive Species Control, Aquatic toxicology, Avian Conservation and Ecology, Fisheries Restoration, Geospatial Science, Long Term Resource Monitoring Programs, Native Mussels, Resource Mapping and Spatial Analysis, River Productivity, and Wildlife Toxicology.

The UMESC provides extensive information on projects, staff, and other capacity information on their website (

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