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Our Organization

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives (LCCs) are applied science and management partnerships initiated by the Department of the Interior’s (DOI’s) bureaus and others involved in natural and cultural resource conservation and management. The Appalachian LCC consists of its Steering Committee members which is the decision‐making and oversight body of the organization, Staff who support of the work of the LCC and various work groups and oversight teams established to address specific topics or issues, often drawn from the partnership‐at‐large.
Appalachian LCC


Steering Committee

The Appalachian LCC Steering Committee provides operational oversight for major programmatic, policy, and funding decisions.

This governance charter authorizes the Appalachian LCC Steering Committee to provide operational oversight to make programmatic, policy, and funding decisions.


Staff support the major initiatives and landscape conservation work of the Cooperative

Partners and Partnerships

The partnership includes federal and state agencies, tribes, non-governmental organizations, and other species-specific partnerships like migratory bird joint ventures and fish habitat partnerships.


Organizations within our region who share a similar mission and are closely associated with the Appalachian LCC.

Landscape Conservation Fellowship

The fellowship offers a unique opportunity for new-entry professionals to be part of this new emerging field of Science & Management : Landscape Conservation.

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