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Partner Spotlight - Foothills Land Conservancy

Gillian Bee visited with Foothills Land Conservancy's Bill Clabough to learn more about this organization's effort to protect our Basin's aquatic and human life. Thanks Foothills for all that you do and being a part of the Tennessee River Basin Network!

What is your role with Foothills Land Conservancy?Foothills Land Conservancy

I have been the Executive Director since 2005. I was the sole staff member then. We now are a team of eight full time employees and two contractors!

What part of our aquatic ecosystem do find the most awe inspiring?

For us, based in east Tennessee, we have so many beautiful tributaries that we see frequently. But what is interesting to me are the escarpments and water that comes off them when you are headed West towards Nashville. It is a totally different set of biological life there. We have worked hard to protect ~3k acres that boarder these escarpments.

What is the mission of your organization?

Foothills Land Conservancy is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and enhancing the lands and environments of the Southern Appalachian region and promoting the character of the land for the benefit of the general public, now and in the future. Originally our mission was to preserve the foothills and surrounding areas of East Tennessee. Now our efforts cover seven states (TN, SC, SC, KY, VA, GA, AL).

How can people get involved or connected with Foothills?

We have a monthly newsletter and annual summer fundraiser. To get connected with us please visit our website and sign-up for communications at the bottom of the page. We also have a page regarding donations.

What has been the proudest moment for your organization?

Two things come to mind. First, the fact that we now have a permanent home for the Conservancy where we can show landowners first hand what they can do when there is a conservation easement on a property. The property was graciously donated to the Conservancy and in addition to being a great place to showcase a working farm with a conservation easement, amazing heritage at this site has been preserved. You can learn more about the Harris Farm and it's history here. The second is how the Conservancy now has the financial resources to carry on our promise to the folks who have donated over the years. We are now able to carry on their dream of these lands being protected in perpetuity!

Anything special happening this year?

We are probably going to protect 18-20k acres this year! That is special!

Why do you participate in the Tennessee River Basin Network?

We would like to partner more and take part in collaborative efforts within the Basin.

How could your organization support others in the Tennessee River Basin Network?

We would be happy to make ourselves available to other organizations to share our knowledge, lessons-learned etc.

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