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Lessons Learned - 2017 Dec 11th-15th

Materials Assembled


  • Invitation to the senior LCC Coordinators to ask their opinion on the value of this pursuit and/or willingness to assist in the effort {file: 2017-12-12_1000_1st_LL_explorationEmail}

    [initial cohort: Rick Nelson (PPP); Deb Schlafmann (CA), Karen Murphy (WAK), Deanna Spooner (PICCC), Greg Wathen (GCPO), John Mankowski (NoP), Yvette Converse (GrN), Genevieve Johnson (Dessert), Jean Brennan (App), Kevin Johnson (SoR), Mike Slattery (representing NA). Added: Dean Granholm (PPP), Stephen Zylstra (R1)]


"Why Do This"

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