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Call on 2017 Dec 18th

Material Prepared prior to the call

  • Notes/structure: based on analysis of Challenges from the LLC Network paper (Greg &Elsa/NLP forum) {file: Notes from LCC Network White Paper_2017_TEMPLATE-CHALLENGES_ver1_jb}
    • 'Strawdog' framework to try to identify the various areas of Coordinators work that we can pursue as a survey or structured interview with other LCC Coordinators and/or entire Network (over time).  This file is simply an effort to initiate the scoping discussion to be help on Dec 20th 2:00-3:30 Eastern (google calendar with call-in number). {file: coordinators-LL_poll_ver. 2017-12-13_jb}
    • Slides prepared by Yvette for the Denver meeting -- to understand some context of where we've been to examine where we are going -- if helps jog some thinking... {file: LCC ideas.pptx}
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