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Representative Species and Conservation Design

A presentation on the need for representative species to help develop maps, tools and landscape designs focused on providing habitat for multiple species, to help understand the current and future capability of landscapes to support fish and wildlife populations, and to help guide strategic decisions about how much of what habitat conservation actions are needed where to sustain populations.

Andrew Milliken works for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service coordinating the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative, a conservation science partnership focused on developing collaborative science to guide conservation to address major threats including climate change in the North Atlantic Region.  He previously worked as Atlantic Coast Joint Venture Coordinator focusing on the conservation of habitat for native birds and other wildlife in the Atlantic Flyway of the United States from Maine south to Puerto Rico and prior to that as a biologist for the Service’s Coastal Program, the Environmental Protection Agency, New York State Coastal Program and University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography.

Additional Resource Materials (pdf): Andrew Milliken PPT presentation.pdf

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