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ISC Meeting & Workshop, July 11-13, 2012

The Interim Steering Committee met in Blacksburg, VA to develop the Cooperative’s key goals, formulate guiding principles, and define next steps for incorporation into the LCC's first Work Plan.

A key component of the meeting was to begin to develop a 5 year work plan that identifies the role and contribution of the various Cooperative members and distributes work and resources to effectively achieve the Cooperative’s mission. The work plan will reflect the Cooperative’s conservation priorities, identify key conservation targets to measure achievement, and identify opportunities for collaborative conservation efforts. Below is a summary of the discussions held and work covered during the three day workshop along with materials presented during each session.

Day 1

Welcome and Introductions: Interim Steering Committee Chair David Whitehurst

Overview of Workshop and Products to come out of Meeting

“Think Different” Landscape-level Conservation Planning: Framework and Model

Discussion: What types of questions do decision-makers need to answer?  What is their timeframe?

Mission Statement Review and Refinement

Scope of the AppLCC 5 Year Work Plan
  • Review survey data and analyze major themes and feedback
  • Select key messages from the survey our plan must address
  • Capture the 3-5 strategic themes that define the necessary scope of the Appalachian LCC.  The starting outline for this information will come from background documents, interviews, survey responses, and analyses of conservation planning documents.  The ISC will refine and select these themes and develop them into goals and objectives during the session



  • 103-Report: Summary of over 100 Key Planning Documents of the many Conservation & Resource Management Organizations across the Appalachian Region.  Used as background information for the Work Plan
  • 103 Synthesis Report

Continue scope of Appalachian LCC Work Plan discussion
  • Clearly define Appalachian LCC’s unique role
  • Reach closure on major planning elements
  • Starting Strategic Concepts: 3 Column Framework "What, Why, How", presented by Group Solutions
  • Sample Placemat, presented by Group Solutions

Develop Principles for Directing the Plan
  • Purpose: Partnering values represent the components that will define the Appalachian LCC roadmap for success.  Partnering values are traits or qualities that are considered worthwhile and represent an organization’s highest priorities.  A strong organization needs to establish values that it lives by.  Present ISC with a number of resource materials related to landscape-level planning and national efforts to help in developing these values

Landscape-level Planning Efforts

National Efforts

Develop Guiding Principles
  • Guiding Principles are the strategic elements that help organizations decide how to achieve the mission and make choices. These principles should enable the ISC and staff to make the right call consistently and transparently

Develop the AppLCC Strategic Plan
  • Generate the 5 to 8 key goals
  • Define the scope of each goal
  • Define timeline to accomplish each goal
  • Brainstorm potential objectives for each goal

Additional Resources Presented to Workshop Participants During Work Plan Discussion

Day 2

Develop Objectives for Implementing each Goal

Build List of Actions, Products, Processes, and Services
  • Prioritize products and services that the Appalachian LCC will accomplish
  • Prioritize service offerings & data and information requests

Collect Input and Preferences on Tactics, Target Dates, Resources, and Measures for each Goal

Discuss and Develop Key Business Processes needed to Effectively Operate the Appalachian LCC

Next Steps
  • Review session, products, and next steps
  • Document final insights from each ISC member
  • Closing survey to provide feedback on the workshop


Day 3

Last Review of the Draft Work Plan

Discussion on Sharing Work with Broader Community
  • Use of Webinar for ISC Leadership Roll Out and Listening Session

Facilitated Webinar on Workshop Recommendations
  • Present findings on what we decided to do as a team
  • Deliver timeline for draft work plan
  • Solicit feedback from a larger audience

ISC Business Meeting with Executive Sub-Committee
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