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Webinar on Riparian Restoration Tool showcases Appalachian LCC Science
On April 22, Appalachian LCC GIS Analyst and Information Manager Jessica Rhodes gave a webinar presentation to 80 resource managers, scientists, and ...
Oak, Fire, and Global Change: What Might the Future Hold?
The pace of environmental and socioeconomic change over the past 100 years has been rapid.
The Southeast Aquatic Conservation Strategy
The Southeastern Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation Strategy is a joint project of the UGA River Basin Center and the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute ...
Appalachian LCC Research Update: Phase II of Landscape Conservation Design 
Dr. Paul Leonard of Clemson University will provide a research update to the Appalachian LCC Steering Committee and interested partners on the results from ...
What is Ecological Drought? Exploring its impacts on natural and cultural resources
In 2017 the National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center (NCCWSC), in partnership with the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC), will be ...
Putting aquatic species on the map: The eDNAtlas and Archive for aquatic taxa in Western North America
The ease, efficiency, and sensitivity of environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling of species in aquatic environments is leading to an explosion in its use across ...
Finding the best science available on fire ecology and fire regimes in tallgrass prairie and oak woodland ecosystems
Managers and planners need scientifically sound information on historical fire regimes and contemporary changes in fuels and fire regimes in tallgrass prairie ...
The Adaptation Workbook - Building Your Climate Adaptation Plan
A collaboration between the Climate Learning Network and the Climate Science Initiative, this webinar provides an overview of the Adaptation Workbook, an ...
The Planning for Growth and Open Space Conservation Webinar Series
Session #26: Using Social Marketing and Micro Targeting to Engage and Move Woodland Owners to Stewardship.
Environmental Educators Update broadcast on LCC
Broadcast to introduce the National Conservation Training Center about Landscape Conservation Cooperatives and the conservation evolution to a new landscape ...
Oak Woodlands & Forests Fire Consortium Webinar
Using prescribed fire to manage wildlife habitat in the Mid-South.
Northeast CSC Webinar
Developing forest adaptation strategies for northern forests in an uncertain future.
Association of State Wetland Managers Webinar
History of Wetland Drainage in the U.S.
Webinar on Wetland Restoration in Urban & Highly Disturbed Landscapes
The Association of State Wetland Managers (ASWM) is pleased to invite you to attend the next webinar in our popular Improving Wetland Restoration Success ...
OSU Climate Change Webinar
Exploring Snowfall in the United States.
Climate Change in America's National Parks
Reaching Common Ground: Communicating with Disbelieving Managers about Climate Change Impacts and Options.
Climate Change in America's National Parks
Tracking forest and landscape change from space using the ForWarn system.
Landscape-scale Conservation Planning
A basic overview of the principles and methods for the Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative, including a discussion on the major goals of landscape ...
ASWM Webinar - Using Beaver as a Wetland Restoration Tool
Restoration Lessons Learned and an Introduction to the Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool
LANDFIRE Data Applications for Research in Fire Ecology and Forest Management
Brandon Collins is on deck for the second in a series of webinars that LANDFIRE is co-hosting with the California Fire Science Consortium. Scheduled for noon ...
Watershed Decision Tool Webinar Series (UPDATE)
The USFWS Southeast Region Office is sponsoring a webinar series on Watershed Decision Tools with the aim of promoting awareness of the many various watershed ...
Climate-informed management of oak ecosystems in the Central Hardwoods region
Global climate changes will lead to local impacts on oak ecosystems throughout the central hardwoods region, including shifts in habitat suitability for ...
Online Screening of "One Stick at a Time
This film follows land managers in the Methow Valley, Washington for over a year, from forests to rivers, from fires to snowfall, from beaver capture to ...
Assessing climate-sensitive ecosystems in the southeastern United States
The southeastern U.S. contains a unique diversity of ecosystems that provide important benefits, including habitat for wildlife and plants, water quality, and ...
Climate-Smart Seedlot Selection Tool Webinar: Reforestation and Restoration for the 21st Century
This project’s main objective is to produce an interactive mapping application that will help forest managers match seedlots with planting sites.
Webinar: Tangible Landscape as a tool for modeling and science communication
In this webinar the Conservation Biology Institute introduce Tangible Landscape, a technology that links an interactive physical model with GRASS GIS through a ...
Webinar: Navigating the Data Basin Platform: A Guided Tour
An introductory tour to demonstrate multiple ways to explore and create content in Data Basin.
Representative Species and Conservation Design
A presentation on the need for representative species to help develop maps, tools and landscape designs focused on providing habitat for multiple species, to ...
Appalachian LCC Activity Update to National Park Service
Coordinator Jean Brennan gave a webinar presentation on recent accomplishments and the future direction of the Appalachian LCC to the National Park Service ...
Northeast Climate Science Center Fall Colloquium: Translating Climate Science for Resource Managers
What stakeholders need to know about the relationships between water resources and climate change.
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