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Northeast States Release Report on Hellbender Distribution
The Regional Conservation Needs (RCN) Grants Program funded project, Developing a coordinated research approach for hellbender conservation in the northeast, ...
New Habitat Guidelines for Six Species of Eastern Wildlife
The American marten, Bicknell’s thrush, Canada warbler, rusty blackbird, scarlet tanager and wood thrush – six beleaguered northeastern forest animals – should ...
Partners in Flight 2016 Landbird Conservation Plan Released
Scientists Document Widespread Declines, Urgent Need for Conservation of Landbirds in U.S. and Canada. Report calls for unprecedented partnerships across ...
LCC Science Assessments are conducted to appraise the current spectrum of scientific knowledge surrounding shared resource priorities, and to identify and ...
Plan for the Population Restoration and Conservation of Imperiled Freshwater Mollusks of the Cumberland Region
The goal of this Plan is to provide a framework for the restoration of freshwater mollusk resources and their ecological functions to appropriate reaches of ...
Work Plan Report Card 2013
End of Year “Report Card” to Advance the Goals and Objectives of the AppLCC as Identified in the 5-Year Work Plan.
Chucky Madtom Draft Recovery Plan Available for Review
The Chucky madtom’s recovery now has a road map and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is looking for your input before it is finalized to be sure it gives ...
Georgia's Revised Wildlife Plan Approved and at Work
A statewide strategy to help conserve hundreds of Georgia animal and plant species has been revised and is being put into practice following federal approval.
Webinar Series on State Wildlife Action Plan Revision
A webinar series to help states as they revise their SWAPs. Webinars will take place monthly on Thursdays from 1:00-2:30pm eastern.
Fish and Wildlife Service Releases Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance to provide a pathway for the responsible development of wind energy that fosters ...
LCC Network Releases 2014 Strategic Plan
The Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) Network has developed a strategic plan that articulates a path for the next five years to achieving the LCC ...
Tennessee State Wildlife Action Planning 2015 Partner Meeting
The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) is required by Congress to revise the State Wildlife Action Plan by October of this year.
Secretary Jewell Releases Landscape-scale Mitigation Strategy
The strategy, which will advance landscape-scale, science-based management of America’s public lands and wildlife. seeks to provide clarity and consistency to ...
Looking Forward: Priorities for Managing Freshwater Resources in a Changing Climate
An updated report addressing ways to build resilience to climate change for water resources has been released by the federal Water Resources and Climate Change ...
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