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Tennessee River Basin Report Card

The Appalachian LCC is supporting the development of an assessment of ecological health, or a “Report Card”, for the Tennessee River Basin. This product will provide a vital baseline on the current conditions of important natural resources and contain colorful illustrations, graphics, and meaningful measurements. 

The Tennessee River Basin "Report Card" will be conducted in three Phases, including conceptualization, analysis and dialog, and completion. The final product of this work will be a "Report Card", which will present a suite of key natural resource indicators that reflect conditions across the whole of the geography - such as water quality - and prescribe a grade (A-F) based on ecological health. This deliverable will highlight key findings, assess data sources and data gaps, and detail the potential implications to institutional goals and objectives of the Appalachian LCC.

Researchers from the University of Maryland’s Integration and Application Network will work with the Cooperative partnership to initiate a series of meetings and webinars to introduce the process and scope of this initiative with key stakeholders and technical experts. Participants will help identify existing relevant datasets and target key values and major threats in the region. Researchers will then propose indicators and metrics for the report card, solicit suggestions for modifying indicators and metrics, and seek additional data that would be helpful for the analysis.

The final product will be both an engaging outreach tool for partners in the Tennessee River Basin to inform critical audiences on current ecological health, as well as a technical resource to aid conservation planning and management of natural resources. It can be used as a companion to the Appalachian LCC NatureScape Conservation Design, with information on future analysis of major stressors from the Report Card integrated with data on corridors and connectivity from the Conservation Design to help facilitate conservation prioritization and objectives.

The University of Maryland’s Integration and Application Network has produced several other similar products for the Chesapeake Bay Program and South Atlantic LCC.


Initial presentations on the Tennessee River Basin Report Card was first shared with our LCC community on July 7 and an initial draft will be shared at the Tennessee River Basin Network’s annual meeting on August 15-16, so each body can have the opportunity to engage with researchers and better understand the goals, process, and data used to create the final deliverable.

Funded by the Appalachian LCC.

Tennessee River Basin geography.
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