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TRB Network Meeting Highlights

Each year TRB Network members gather to celebrate successes, share current conservation efforts, and discuss how the Network should collectively move forward to maximize efficacy of conserving and improving aquatic biodiversity in the Tennessee River Basin.

2017 Meeting - August 15th to 16th - TN Aquarium, Chattanooga, TN (for more details and to register click HERE)

TRBN MeetingSo what has happened during these meeting? Download the 2015 and 2016 meeting highlights to read about the keynote presentations, moderated panels, interactive sessions, and recommendations offered for moving the Network forward.

2015 - Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation Celebration

Planning & Coordinating Team:

  • TVA – Evan Crews, Shannon O'Quinn
  • Group Solutions - Vern Herr and Brent Boston
  • Tennessee Aquarium - Anna George


Major Outcome:

Participants at the 2015 workshop agreed on a variety of next steps to better coordinate and deliver conservation to ensure protection of critical resources:

  • There was strong support for continuing and expanding this dialogue. More than 75 percent of the participants indicated their willingness to contribute time, talent or resources to building a more formal Tennessee River Basin Network and coordinate conservation efforts.
  • Workshop participants agreed to broaden and diversify the network by including nontraditional partners such as private landowners, Chambers of Commerce, mayors, and agriculture interests.
  • They also identified a need to develop new thinking on marketing and messaging targeted to the general public, legislators, and key stakeholders to raise awareness of and support for regional conservation efforts.
  • Finally, there was consensus to increase data sharingaccess to toolsinformation and training, and the ability to share and learn from one another to significantly expand the network’s collective impact.


2016 - Communities and Conservation: Networking the Strength of Partnership to Forge a Sustainable Conservation Landscape across the TRB

Planning & Coordinating Team:

  • TVA – Evan Crews, Shannon O'Quinn
  • Tennessee Aquarium - Anna George
  • Appalachian LCC - Jean Brennan, Mary Davis, Matt Cimitile
  • Southeast Watershed Forum - Leah Bray


Major Outcome:

Participants at the 2016 workshop engaged in facilitated discussions and exercises to address actions required to move the Network forward:

  • Meeting participants identified and mapped current conservation efforts within the TRB to better identify the Who, What and Where of conservation action.
  • A work-group was formed to focus efforts in the coming year on strategic marketing and messaging to raise awareness and support of conserving biodiversity within the TRB.
  • It was evident the value of the Network is it's ability to connect people across the landscape, hence the need to focus this next year on collective action that will strengthen the networking capabilities of the Network.
  • Lastly, meeting participants continued to see the value in participating in the Network and the need to contribute their time and talents to this unique effort.
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