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Phase 2 Consultations

The Appalachian LCC is continuing our Landscape Conservation Design (LCD) by moving into Phase II of our consultations. In this next phase, the LCC and experts continue refining elements of the initial products from the LCD effort, as well as delve further into themes regarding aquatic integrity, biota, ecosystems, and representative databases of the region. Experts will help the LCC identify appropriate frameworks for assessing aquatic integrity, as well as conservation targets and threats to aquatic ecosystems.

You can access the following resources by clicking on blue hyperlinks:

Selected aquatic metrics, scale of assessment, and threat thresholds

Other aquatic ecosystem integrity assessments

1. Northeast Terrestrial Aquatic Habitat Condition Assessment by The Nature Conservancy

2. Tennessee Integrated Assessment of Watershed Health

3. National Fish Habitat Partnership Inland Waters Assessment (draft 2016)

4. South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative Blueprint V2.1

5. Appalachian LCC Stream Classification System project by The Nature Conservancy

Consultation presentations -

April 7 - LCC-wide Consultation #1 - Review of LCD and aquatic assessment frameworks.

April 19-21 - Regional Consultation #2 - Initial selection of aquatic assessment metrics - Northern, Southern, Western

May 10-12 - Regional Consultation #3 - Aquatic metric scale and threat thresholds - Northern, Southern, Western

June 30 - LCC-wide Consultation #4 - Review of selected metrics, scales, and thresholds.

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