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Find here outreach materials and technical resources for upcoming and past Workshops from the Appalachian LCC. These workshops bolster collaboration among the LCC and it's partners. They provide opportunities to deliver LCC-funded science products and tools and demonstrate how these tools can be applied to guide conservation at the local and landscape scale via hands-on learning. Workshops will also allow partners to provide feedback to the LCC on improving these products and tools to better enhance conservation activities and outcomes.

Workshop PhotoThe Appalachian LCC

  • Promotes collaboration and increases funding and research capacity among partners to address the environmental threats that is beyond the ability of any one agency.
  • Is a trusted source of information that develops the tools, methods, and data resource managers need to design and deliver landscape-scale conservation.
  • Leverages funding, staff, and resources from all partners to develop cost-effective science and conservation that benefits human communities and ecosystems.
  • Develops and implements conservation of large connected areas that will enhance and sustain the ecological, economic, and historical value of the Appalachian region.
  • Work leads to effective conservation that generates clean air and water, sustains the benefits of nature, and enhances outdoor opportunities.


Appalachian LCC Fact Sheet - The Appalachian LCC serves as a catalyst for conservation collaboration by providing the products and data resource managers and partners need to address the environmental threats that are beyond the scope of any one agency.

Synthesis of all Appalachian LCC funded research project deliverables - decision support tools, data layers, final reports, and other vital information that will help plan and manage for the conservation of aquatic and terrestrial systems throughout the region.


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