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Survey: Controlled Invasive Plants on Property

As you know, the Blue Ridge PRISM seeks to expand the control of invasive plant species in our ten-county region.

To do this we rely entirely on the landowners - both public and private - in our region to take the required actions.  We seek to empower landowners with the best possible information to make the work as easy and effective as possible, while minimizing your costs.  The more we understand about the challenges you face and your interests and needs, the more effective we can be in serving you.

To this end we are seeking information from landowners who are already doing the work.  If you have controlled invasive plants on your property in the past, or are doing so now, we would like to know about your good work!   In addition, we hope to expand invasives control by encouraging the development of stewardship areas (collaborative groups) in each of our ten counties.  Stewardship areas typically begin with landowners who not only control invasives on their own properties, but who are willing to collaborate with their neighbors.  If you would like to be part of this effort, or again if you would just like to report the work you are doing on your own property, we invite you to answer the following short survey.  We will use the information to create a map of invasive control efforts in our region, and we will be in touch if you would like support in reaching out to your neighbors and organizing a stewardship area.

Note that there are only 2 required questions on the survey (noted with red asterisks); all the other questions are optional.

The survey can be accessed at:

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