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SECAS Version 1.0 Provides Regional Long-term Vision for Conservation

Leaders from state fish and wildlife agencies and federal and non-governmental partners came together at the 2016 Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (SEAFWA) Conference to release Blueprint Version 1.0 of the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy (SECAS).

The release of this conservation vision for the Southeast ignited excitement, affirmed continued support and engagement from state and federal leadership in the southeast, and demonstrated the level and breadth of engagement thus far. The first half of the Summit involved a dedicated briefing with state agency leadership from nearly all of the 15 SEAFWA member states. They heard presentations from Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) staff and other partners on how SECAS can be used. State agencies unanimously approved continuing to move SECAS forward. SECAS is bringing together diverse partners to design and achieve a connected network of landscapes and seascapes that supports thriving fish and wildlife populations and improved quality of life for people across the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean.

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