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Executive Committee Meets to Thank Outgoing Chair and Vice Chair for Tremendous Leadership

For seven years, David Whitehurst and Paul Johansen valiantly steered the Appalachian LCC Steering Committee ship through its initial creation and tremendous growth as a regional partnership for landscape conservation.

On March 29, the Appalachian LCC Executive Committee met at the National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia to thank the dedicated service and valuable leadership of our outgoing Chair and Vice Chair. Each were given a crystal plaque with a beautiful Appalachian scene in the background. For David, a stream to commemorate his background in fisheries, and Paul a mountainous landscape of West Virginia. Etched into the crystal were the words “with gratitude for exemplary leadership and support of the Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative.” Each then shared a few words about the critical role the LCC is playing in moving landscape conservation forward in the Appalachians and stressed the wonderful experience they had working with such dedicated and passionate individuals in the conservation community through the LCC.

The meeting also provided the Executive Committee an opportunity to discuss future research direction of LCC funding, the development of engagement committees to address key issues, and identifying additional focal areas and networks to focus LCC capacity in strengthening conservation planning. Representatives from state natural resource agencies of Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia as well as the Environmental Protection Agency and National Park Service were in attendance. Overall, the meeting helped to tee up presentations and the direction of discussions to take place at the full Appalachian LCC Steering Committee meeting at NCTC from June 5-6.

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