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Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Conservation 2012 Broadcast Series

An effective conservation strategy includes engagement of people within diverse populations. To be relevant, we need to be innovative, resourceful and also respectful of what’s important to the people we are attempting to reach. Welcoming all groups and individuals, including those who traditionally may not be as directly connected.

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Atlantic Coast Joint Venture Human Dimensions Webinar

Have you been wondering what "human dimensions" has to do with bird conservation? Ashley Dayer of Cornell University will provide an overview of the field of human dimensions, from research to application.

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USFWS Office of the Science Advisor Web Conference Series

Because science is always evolving, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Office of the Science Advisor (OSA) Web Conference Seminar Series is designed to provide the latest cutting-edge scientific information and research. This series also highlights key OSA priorities, such as science integrity, the FWS Climate Change Strategy, Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, and Strategic Habitat Conservation. This program is being facilitated by the USFWS's National Conservation Training Center (NCTC).

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Piloting the National Secretive Marshbird Monitoring Program

Secretive marsh birds in North America are poorly monitored by existing avian monitoring programs. Some marsh bird species are of conservation concern, some are open to sport harvest, and for all species their emergent marsh habitat has been in decline for decades.

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The Planning for Growth and Open Space Conservation Webinar Series

Join us for a discussion of programs that allow private landowners to protect working forests and conserve open space administered by the Forest Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Farm Service Agency.

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Designing Sustainable Landscapes Workshop

The purpose of this project is to assess the capability of current and potential future landscapes in the North Atlantic LCC geographic area to provide integral ecosystems and suitable habitat for wildlife, and provide guidance for strategic habitat conservation decisions.

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39th Annual Natural Areas Conference

Join conservation professionals from around the country in Norfolk, Virginia, for the 2012 Natural Areas Conference: Keeping Natural Areas Relevant and Resilient.

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Demonstration of the Habitat Climate Change Vulnerability Index (HCCVI)

The earth’s rapidly changing climate requires substantial adjustments to existing strategies for conserving natural systems. Managers need a better understanding of factors that contribute to the vulnerability of ecosystems and plant communities in order to formulate new adaptation strategies. The Climate Change Vulnerability Index for Ecosystems and Habitats documents series of indicators of vulnerability to climate change.

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Native American Fish and Wildlife Society Annual Meeting 2012

The Native American Fish & Wildlife Society 30th Annual National Conference to be held at Harrah's Resort/ Casino/ Conference Center in Cherokee, North Carolina, April 30 - May 3, 2012.

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US Fish and Wildlife Service - Science Seminar Series - Patch Metrics, Wild Brook Trout, and the Chesapeake Bay - March 8 - National LCC Event

Conservation managers are facing ever-increasing challenges as urban sprawl, land use changes, and climate change accelerate threats to fish and wildlife populations and their habitats. The Science Seminar Series provides employees with learning opportunities to keep pace with changing science relevant to their work. The Science Seminar Series will seek researchers from around the Northeast Region and the country to address topics of interest identified by Northeast Region employees, either by live broadcast or via webinar.

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